Air Filters

Keep Your Tractor Engine Clean With Yanmar Air Filters

Genuine Yanmar air filters protect your compact tractor engine against wear. They provide optimum filtration of ambient air, so that only clean air, free from dust and other contaminations even as small as 1μ, enters the engine for combustion. Therefore, the dirt absorption achieved by Genuine Yanmar air filters is essential for high operational efficiency and extended product life of your tractor. Trouble-free. Also, Genuine Yanmar air filters, prevent the increase in fuel consumption and keep emission levels low. In this way, Genuine Yanmar air filters make a significant contribution to remain within the ever more rigorous emission standards.

  • Optimum protection of the engine against wear
  • Low fuel consumption and low emission levels
  • Clean, reliably filtrated combustion air
  • High dust separation efficiency
  • Unchanging high engine performance

Air Filter Prices

Part NumberParts Description2023 Recommended Price Euro *
114210-12590ELEMENT ASSY€ 47.72
114250-12581ELEMENT€ 17.39
114650-12550FILTER, AIR PRE€ 8.09
114650-12591ELEMENT ASSY€ 42.25
119005-12571EELEMENT€ 23.01
119117-12570EELEMENT€ 51.80
119160-12560EELEMENT, OUTER€ 37.45
119160-12570EELEMENT, INNER€ 24.08
119233-12700EELEMENT, INNER€ 21.83
119581-55160ELEMENT ASSY, FO€ 30.91
119655-12560EELEMENT€ 23.94
119808-12520EELEMENT€ 24.08
121420-12511EELEMENT, OUTER€ 31.57
121422-12570EELEMENT, INNER€ 23.61
123950-12560EELEMENT€ 45.48
129051-12530EELEMENT€ 19.80
129062-12560EELEMENT€ 29.43
129935-12520EELEMENT€ 34.78
198129-29310EFILTER, 10€ 50.00

Mentioned prices are Yanmar Europe BV advised market prices in Euro, excluding VAT and other applicable local taxes and/or additional ratings. Prices are valid for the European region only.

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